New Frontiers

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Balancing Life


Sometimes it is difficult to find and keep the right balance in life. We will actually have seldom a day or week in life, that is truly in balance. That’s not a problem though since balance isn’t measured on a daily level, but on a year or life scale when it comes to your goals in life and the path you want to travel to reach them. On this scale it doesn’t matter if we waver or stumble sometimes, what is important is to always keep an eye on your goals.

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How to like doing chores

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How I learned to like chores


I hated household chores as a teenager. Most of the time they were boring, tiring and often linked with the disappointment of my mother who had to remind me of my responsibilities once more. More than one I sneaked by my mother out of the house or into another room, because I knew that I would get the next chore as soon as she noticed me.


When I started living on my own it wasn’t much better at first. I stalled everything as long as possible. I used games and books to divert my eyes from reality, which included chores, to fantasy worlds with “real” challenges. Continue Reading →