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New Frontiers

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Balancing Life


Sometimes it is difficult to find and keep the right balance in life. We will actually have seldom a day or week in life, that is truly in balance. That’s not a problem though since balance isn’t measured on a daily level, but on a year or life scale when it comes to your goals in life and the path you want to travel to reach them. On this scale it doesn’t matter if we waver or stumble sometimes, what is important is to always keep an eye on your goals.

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Live each day as if it where your fellow humans last.

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We have all heard the advice to live each day as if it where your last. This is good advice as long as you only follow it for one day a week.


If we would life every day as if it where our last we would end up in the poorhouse or hospital very fast.


I believe a lot can be gained by reversing the saying though.


“Live each day as if it where your fellow humans last.”

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30 Days to Success.

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Surely I’m not the first person to write about the 30 day method, but since it’s one of my most important tools on the path to my goals, I would like to tell you about it and maybe inspire you to try it for yourself.


It is a very simple method and I believe that in its simplicity lies the key to its success. If there is a good habit or skill you always wanted to implement into your life, this method might be an optimal starting point to accomplish that. Over time it will enable you to get closer to your goals and make life easier.

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