The Art of waiting.

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Waiting plays a major role in all our lives. Most People wait more than three Years of their lives, some spend that much time in traffic jams alone. Only few manage to use the art of waiting to improveour lifes.


All of us wait. We wait for the bus, for the train or the airplane. We wait in traffic jams. We wait in line in the supermarket or in the waiting rooms in the doctors office. The list is unbelievably long.


Sometimes we can shorten the wait by reading a good book, but often we try to burn time reading the twentieth post about some boring bullshit on facebook and co. Often enough there is nothing to distract us and we feel bored.

By now all of us should be a master in this discipline since we had so much practice already, but still we dread these boring times.


The good thing is that there is actually something we can do to transform these unloved minutes of waiting into a practice that enriches our lives and gives us lasting happiness.


Transforming waiting time into a crystal clear experience of the present moment.


Many have lost their true selves in the constant influx of worldly demands and their own constant pondering of the past and worrying about a hypothetical future.


Is there a moment better suited for an exercise aiming to get into balance with reality and your true self than the waiting time were there is obviously nothing better to be done?


If you are asking now what this exercise is to accomplish and how it is performed, I can tell you that it aims to help you to stop worrying about the future and let go of evils past and to help you experience the present moment in all it’s glory.


In everyone of us there is a wellspring of happiness and if we want to drink our fill than we have to reconnect with our true self. Many of us can experience this joy when we feel loved and completely accepted by someone in our lives. Connections like that can help us access this source of happiness, of deep inner peace inside of us, but we can also reach it on our own.


How to “wait”


When I have to wait for something or somebody, I start the exercise by focusing fully on my senses. I see, hear, feel, smell, taste with focus and without judging what I experience. I observe reality and try to be completely sure what my senses tell me. This way my thoughts are focused on my senses and I’m better able to let go of thoughts about past and future.


Now I shift my focus away from what is outside to what is inside. I close my eyes and feel life pulsing through me, sometimes I focus on parts of the body first, feet, hands, legs, arms, head, heart… and there I find this strong current of life inside myself.


For a few Moments there are no thoughts, only life. I let the inner peace and happiness flow from the wellspring inside of me. A simile plays upon my lips when I open my eyes again and I can see the world in all it’s beauty.


Everything is exiting and full of life in it’s own way. It is as if I where a child again, only existing in the moment and experiencing every aspect of this world for the first time.


We have been given a wonderful gift. There is a source of joy in everyone of us. It takes some practice to access it’s power and to start crafting out of these peaceful moments a new way of life, but thankfully we have those hours of waiting time to do just that.


I don’t wait any longer. I use these small pauses in the daily life to live.

You should try it too!



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One comment to "The Art of waiting."

  1. Great article!
    Somehow I was immediately reminded of Mr. Magoriums Wonder emporium. When they set the clocks in a clock store:
    “Mr. Edward Magorium: 37 seconds.
    Molly Mahoney: Great. Well done. Now we wait.
    Mr. Edward Magorium: No. We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. Our souls ingest. 37 seconds, well used, is a lifetime.”

    Here in Japan waiting is indeed a part of life and I was once again reminded, that I should use this time better than browsing through Facebook :)

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