Conquering New Frontiers (by Reiner)

New Frontiers

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Balancing Life


Sometimes it is difficult to find and keep the right balance in life. We will actually have seldom a day or week in life, that is truly in balance. That’s not a problem though since balance isn’t measured on a daily level, but on a year or life scale when it comes to your goals in life and the path you want to travel to reach them. On this scale it doesn’t matter if we waver or stumble sometimes, what is important is to always keep an eye on your goals.

We aren’t traveling on a straight highway. In real life there will always be ups and downs, curves and some interesting sights inviting us to make a detour.

Sometimes it can be these detours, which get us closer to our intended goals if we adopt an explorer’s mindset.


I have left this blog to itself for a while because I was enjoying such a detour and while I was exploring I found a shortcut to my life goals.

Because of that I used the last months to chart the new course and walk the first steps on this new life path of mine. It won’t be as easy as the road I traveled before, more like a jungle than a path now really, but I’m sure flora, fauna and companions will be more exiting for it. Especially since I intend to bring you all along for the ride.


This may sound a bit ominous so let me explain: (warning long part about me :) )

New Frontiers


It was two and a half years ago that I decided to change my intermittent life goals and set my mind on becoming financially independent (this means saving such a huge stack of money that I wouldn’t have to work if I didn’t want to, meaning I would be free of worrying about money forever).

This was mostly inspired by the blog of MrMoneyMustache, but in his posts he doesn’t just talk about finances, a huge part of them are actually lined with wisdom and a robust life philosophy.


I started the way any well adjusted capitalist should and studied the business part first. I learned how to invest money so that it works for you, how the stock market, banks and taxes really work and how to use our capitalistic system for our advantage.

Most of it I learned from Mr. JL Collins and his, in this circles famous, stocks-series.


After the question of how was then solved, I started to wonder why I would really do it, what is truly important in my life? What has true intrinsic value in my eyes? How should my life path look like?


This way I stumbled upon the blogs of David [Raptitude] and the ridiculously informative Steve Pavlina. Now, some hundred posts, quite a few books and a ton of afford later, I’m a new man. I have made huge changes in my life regarding body (-80 lbs and dropping, healthy food, training, sleep …), mind (better motivation, less stress, constantly learning, more discipline, frugality …) and soul (more love for family, friends and everyone around me, shedding bad habits, clear life goals, adopting a fitting philosophy of life [stoicism]).


This transition was bound to also change my goals in life. What would I have done, if I reached financial independence? Would I only sit around and play computer games?




My Dream


I would write books until my fingers bleed. My dream is to be an author and to inspire and move people with my stories. That’s what I would have done after reaching financial independence.


Since I came to this realization, I’ve used my time to plan and to convince myself that the time to live my life is not in ten or twenty years time, but right now. I gathered strength and now my decision is set. I will use all my power to make this dream, to become a (published) author, a reality.


Right now I’m writing my first full-fledged fantasy novel, but I also intend to continue writing this blog. The style might change a bit though, depending on the amount of time I’m willing to spare from my main focus.


What is the main consequence you might ask. I will quit my job next summer and start writing full time. I’m exited for all the interesting and difficult challenges I’ll have to face on this new path and I hope you will travel along with me for a while.


Conquering New Frontiers (by Reiner)

Conquering New Frontiers (by Reiner)


Thank you!




P.S. I’m living and working in Germany so this might not be important, but since I’ll quit my job, there will be a position open in risk management in the coming year. So if you know someone with skills in business/IT give me a shout and I’ll gladly forward the Job Announcement as soon as it’s relevant.



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