Live each day as if it where your fellow humans last.

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We have all heard the advice to live each day as if it where your last. This is good advice as long as you only follow it for one day a week.


If we would life every day as if it where our last we would end up in the poorhouse or hospital very fast.


I believe a lot can be gained by reversing the saying though.


“Live each day as if it where your fellow humans last.”

How much easier would it be to forgive the tailgating idiot on the highway if we knew he is only trying to get home to spend his last hours with his family?


How much easier would it be to get in contact with others, if you knew this is your last chance to get to know them?


How honored would we feel that they chose to spend their last hours with us?


Are there things you always meant to tell your friends or family that have gone unspoken?


Which transgressions would you finally forgive?


Let’s take a moment to think about this. Which acts need to be done, which words have to be spoken before it’s too late? Who are the truly important people in your life? How might you feel if you lived your life like this grateful and forgiving?


This mindset is a simple trick to help us overcome our own ego and selfishness and go about helping others and being a good friend with ease.


We all know that life gets better and happier the more we help others, most of the time we get the happiness we give back twofold.


I’m sure that with this thought, that it’s the last chance to do something good for my fellow humans, even if it’s just some understanding and forgiveness, my life will get richer and more beautiful with each passing day.



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