With great responsibility comes great power.

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The power needed for change: If we want to see positive changes in our lives, we need to be in control. Being in control means you know the situation and you have the means to influence it.


How do we get this power, this strength needed to make a difference?

There is only one way that has really worked for me in the past and that is to take on responsibility. Without taking on responsibility for each possible outcome, we will never be able to influence our life in major ways maybe not even a little.


We have to be prepared to claim both, losses and wins, as our own or we will have neither. When we don’t take responsibility ourselves we automatically burden others with the consequences of our decisions and lose control over the situation in the process. The result will be that we feel out of control, like a victim.


If we want to gain control of our life and the way our life plays out, we will have to walk with our own two feet. We have to take responsibility for our actions or we will never be in full control.


It’s the only way


I know how frightening it can be to take a long, hard look at your life and accept everything that has happened so far and everything that will happen from now on as your own responsibility. Right now I can hear the excuses some are shouting in their heads, but in the end there is no way around it.


And if we really had no chance to take control at some point in the past, now we can! We can choose right now if we want to be the person governing our life from this day forward. There is no merit in giving someone else from our (distant) past or present this immense power over us. Let’s take it ourselves.


Deep inside we all know how we should live, how we want to live, if we are not sure then we can take a moment to listen to our heart. The important part is that we go ahead and do something about it. The power to change comes from taking responsibility.


When we start and get caught up in negative thinking and blaming others, STOP! We shouldn’t blame ourselves either; instead we can take a deep breath and accept the situation. We can think about how we can improve it (there is always something worth doing) and then take the first step.


If we take responsibility for our life we will find the power to live the best one possible! That, I wholeheartedly believe.



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One comment to "With great responsibility comes great power."

  1. It IS frightening to think that everything indeed is my own responsibility. I am at a crossroad in my life right now and have to decide where to go from here and I think the main reason I haven’t decided yet, is that once I do, I have to live with the consequences.
    Though doing nothing has consequences all on its own, it might be better to face it and decide.
    Great post, I really like the way you write.

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