The two parts of our soul

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In ourselves we have two fundamentally different approaches to and perspectives of our world. This is true for our inner core, our soul as well. One of the parts of our soul strives for acknowledgement, glory, power and worldly accomplishments, while the other part longs for love, authenticity and strength of character.

When we take the time to reflect on both sides, we will come to the conclusion that the part of ourselves that is concentrated on inner strength will bring us greater harmony and maybe even true bliss in the long run.

It should be valued at least as high as the other part which concentrates on the outside. Still, we invest in and concentrate on our outer self a lot more than on our inner self.


This outer self is the part of us that seeks to improve our place in the world, our glory and riches at any cost.


Our inner self is the part of us that wants to do good deeds, experience the world how she truly is and honor her and strives to unlock our true potential and grow our inner strength.


It is the difference in asking: “How can I make this world work for me?” and “Why are we here?”


It’s difficult to learn the best way to embrace both parts. We will often encounter contradictory advice from self-help books or the people around us, because the logic our inner self uses is the complete opposit of the one used by our outer self. Both work when used in the right context.


The outer logic is: “Work and you will be rewarded. Taking on risks gives potential for greater gains. If you game the system well enough you can have everything”


The inner logic says: “Give without expecting anything in return and you will have enough. Accept and concede to reality even if it’s painful and you will grow in strength. To find your purpose in life you have to first give up who you are (who you believe to be).”


These two sides of us are often at war with each other and because the world around us seems to favor the outer self, we often neglect our inner selves and don’t allow it to grow.


How do we strengthen these two sides?


We can build up our outer self by improving upon our strengths, furthering them and bringing them to their fullest potential.


We can build up our inner self by fighting our biggest weakness, the one that fosters and triggers all other weaknesses.


This weakness is often one that has accompanied you since childhood, the one we do over and over again, sometimes not even realizing what it really is.


You can take the “deadly sins” as a starting point: wrath, greed, sloth (cowardice), pride, lust, envy and gluttony. When we fight against this signature weakness we will learn a lot about ourselves and grow in inner strength.


Let us try to realize how our inner selves, this second half of our soul is really like and start to strengthen it. Both sides of our soul long for a chance to fulfill their potential, to grow and fill our heart.


Since most of us have concentrated on our outer self for years or decades, maybe it is time to take a good look on the inside.



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