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Many of us have forgotten how to use one of the simplest but also powerful skills: The art of listening to ourselves. A lot of us run through our lifes without a clear goal and seemingly out of balance. We feel as if there are important parts missing. How can we reconnect with ourselves? How can we get our life back into balance?

Out of your mouth will flow whatever you have filled your heart with


Try listening to yourself as a first step. The Things we tell our coworkers, friends and family every day can give us a starting point to discover what’s missing in our lives, our selfes. This is true for the good as well as the bad things we talk about. The good ones we want to have in our live; the bad ones we often don’t like in ourselves.


Our world is filled with people and their actions, which we judge either right or wrong. The world is so full of people, that our minds select automatically for those appearances, encounters or actions, that are important to us. Why are these things important to us? Most likely because these are things we don’t like in ourselves or want to improve.


Let’s take a break from our chaotic world for a moment and try to visit a place of stillness (nature is good for that). Here we can stop and think about the stories we tell and our behavior and start to get a feeling for what it is our heart misses so dearly. This works, not because we unconsciously control the world and how the inhabitants of this world behave, but because we only see those things strongly and focuse on those things that best reflect our inner and outer self.


What we see are weaknesses we want to fight and strengths we want to build up further. Often we react all the more strongly the clearer we see ourselves reflected. We are free to choose how to react and most of the time we decide to be angry at the mirror (person) that has shown us a part of ourselves we don’t like. This behavior will not let us get ahead however.


It’s part of our purpose to work on ourselves. We don’t have the power to change someone else if we don’t change ourselves first. After we have changed we can try to lend a hand to help someone else improve, if we still see his behavior as a problem (we most likely will not).


Every offence is an opportunity to improve


We can use this selective awareness we have to identify the areas of our soul that are dear to us and have the best growth potential. Let’s listen to ourselves and hear what is important to us.


When we become aware of someone who bullies other people, it might be because we see our own weakness reflected. It could be that we either bully someone in our own way, or that we let others or ourselves be bullied without doing something against it.


If there is someone at our workplace or school who shines through his hard work, but we don’t like it because he seems too nerdy or arrogant, it might be because we see our own arrogance or our underdeveloped power to work hard, reflected.


Surely not everything we see is a mirror of ourselves. Still, most of the time when we see something that invokes strong emotions, it is because we see part of our selfes reflected. Let us use this understanding to our advantage and as a key to identify the parts of our soul we should build and focus on.


To love our fellow humans we first need to understand and forgive our own weaknesses. If we are able to overcome our own weakness we will also purge the weakness of others from our lives. When we manage to build up our strengths we will be able to appreciate the strengths of others.



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Thank you, for accompanying me on this path to self-awareness




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