Todays gift: 12 years of your life

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12 years of your life

Here in Germany we are watching TV for 220 Minutes a day on average, about 15% of our day, 22% of our hours awake, nearly 50% of our free time. If we are so lucky to make it to 80 years old, we will have spent 12 years of our life in front of the TV. We watch more TV the older we get while we only watch about half as much TV before the age of 14.

We often ask us when we look back on days long gone, where our time has gone and we get the feeling that time is flowing faster every day. I believe part of the reason, why our lifes seem so fast paced and on demand, is that we give such a huge amount of it away to the TV and its new brothers, surfing on the internet or playing videogames.


I don’t want to dive into the different studies showing how watching TV might have positive or negative effects on the brain. There are different hypothesis and both opinions didn’t really ring true for me. The negative effect on our activity levels is quite obvious thought because most of the times we sit still while watching TV, sometimes so much so that we have to shift positions once in a while because our bodies become a bit stiff. Still these negative effects might be tolerable.


What is not tolerable in my book is, that we rob ourselves of the time we could use to live more consciously and to do something good for the people we love; I definitely include ourselves in this group. Why don’t you use the time to play with your kids, write a few lines to your mother, to play a game of cards with your grandma or to take your significant other out for a walk? The time we spend getting irradiated with questionable propaganda and ideologies is better spend differently. Isn’t there this book you wanted to read for quite some time now, the picture waiting for you to paint it, that conversation your heart wants you to start?


Stand up, turn off the TV and shut down your  PC and search for the kind of connection we humans need so badly to really feel alive; the connection to yourself and to the people around you. It is time to get rid of this nasty habit which we always let run freely when we are not sure which neglected part of our lives should get priority. This behavior is an attempt to escape from ourselves into the arms of machines that have “our best qualities” at heart.  Those Qualities the creators of the machines have in mind are: our money, votes and to tranquilize us into accepting the status quo.


How much more would we be able to achieve, how much would we be able to grow our strengths and how advanced could we be in fighting our weaknesses if we reclaimed this time, our time from those habits?


I dare you to try it. No TV for one month. If you feel strong enough to pull it off, please leave a comment.



As always, thank you for reading!


One comment to "Todays gift: 12 years of your life"

  1. I have to admit, that is a tough one.
    12 years really seemed a lot at first, but after thinking about my surfing/tv watching/social media habits I am afraid for me it might be even more… Of course I convince myself that having the tv on while writing articles, doing research on the internet or whatnot, doesn’t have any influence on me because it’s just supposed to be background noise. That this is not true becomes evident every time I turn down the volume because I can’t concentrate.

    30 days without turning on the TV might even work, but I am pretty sure I’d be cheating with scrolling through social media (biggest time thieves ever) and watching my favorite youtube channels…

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