A walk to the bright side of life

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Taking a walk is one of my best tools to sort my thoughts and infuse myself with new mental energy. I’m actually in line on this topic with some of the greatest thinkers of the past, who thought that no decision should be made before you hadn’t walked with it and thought about it for a few miles.

Being close to nature and the movement of our muscles enable us to reconnect with our instincts and our inner voice. With every step we take our thoughts focus a little more and the mental fog, produced by of thousands of ads, facebook updates or e-mails, disappears.


It might be a good idea to take a good friend with you, depending on the topic you want to think about. The discussions I had while walking through neighborhood or nature with a good friend are to this day the most vivid and important ones I had in my lifetime.


After each and every time I decided to go out and take a walk I’m happy that I did it. Sometimes I’m not even aware how miserable I was before I go and circle around the block and feel my world shift a few steps toward awesomeness. It’s as if a veil was lifted from my eyes and my mood improves step by step.


Since I’ve noticed this insanely simple tool to lighten my days I try to walk most of the ways I would have driven by bus or train in the past. When I go out to fetch some groceries I just put on my backpack and oftentimes I even take the longer route to the store.


When I walk it doesn’t even matter to me if the weather is nice or not. As long as I’ve been the one to decide that I want to take a walk I get a positive result even with heavy wind or rain, even though it’s harder to concentrate on a specific idea the cleansing effect is still there.


So don’t just believe me; try it yourself and go out for a walk. Don’t go to the gym and run a bit on the treadmill, go out into nature. Use the power that lies in moving forward physically to move forward mentally. Go and reconnect to nature, fell the wind caressing your hair and let your soul indulge in the beauty of our world.



düsseldorf-rhein-freundschaft (by Robert Balog)


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