Sweets, coffee, alcohol and cocain

The sum of all addictions remains the same

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“The sum of all addictions remains the same (Die Summe aller Laster ist konstant)”


This is a sentence one of my teachers used to say and even thought it was always half in jest I believe there is a grain of truth in it. We all felt, at some point in time, and most probably still do, that there is something missing in our lives. Every day we try to find something or someone to fill this hole in our heart and since most days we can’t find anything that’s valuable, we gum the hole up with something bad – with addictions.


An addiction is something that undermines our strength and furthers our weaknesses and in doing so it makes it that much harder to reach the life we want to live. In addition those addictions often drive us away from the people who truly love us and who want to help us succeed in life. They will divert our eyes from our goals and might even cloud them completely.


The most dangerous addiction is probably the addiction to drugs, which shorten our lives, cripple mind and body and destroy wealth. I can understand how someone can favor the seemingly warm embrace of senselessness. In the end my addiction to computer games was also a way to leave this world behind for a time and if I hadn’t stopped myself just short of the cliff it is highly likely that alcohol would have become one of my addictions in my high school years.


In our struggle for a better life, our search for something to fill the hole in our heart this cannot be the answer. The first step to a better life is experiencing and seeing reality clearly. To reach this clarity we sometimes need the help of others, of people who truly care about us. Once we reach this clear view we can tear down the dirt from our heart and fill it with something beautiful and valuable: the passion that wants to become our lives purpose and the love of our family and friends.


For me this passion is writing these lines. With every word that becomes part of reality through me, it gets easier to see the world the way it truly is. Through this I’m able to glimpse a little part of the true beauty this world has in store for us and to cut myself loose from my addictions. At the same time I’m aware of the fact that there is a lot of space in our hearts and I will not always manage to keep all addictions out.


In our lives every one of us will have to face situations that frighten us time and time again, some of those will even shake us to the core and drive us into the arms of old or new addictions. In those times always remember that you are not alone! There are people out there that can help us in those times of need. Every human being knows this desire to fill the hole in his soul with something meaningful. Drugs and addictions can only obscure the hole from view by diverting the view onto something worthless.


We can find courage in the certainty that we are not alone. We all are beings on the quest to find fulfillment and everyone has already mastered a part of it that someone else still seeks. Extend your hand and create a connection with someone who either needs your help or can help you. There are even people out there who made helping others their passion. To them you will never be a burden, but an opportunity to grow.


The sum of all addictions does not remain the same. It can only be as big as the hole in our heart. That means if we manage to fill our heart with love and value there will be no space left for addictions.


Sweets, coffee, alcohol and cocain

Addictions (the only drug used to create this picture is sugar)

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