Life in Balance – The beginning of a journey

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Why also in English?


Even though English is not my mother tongue I want to share my thoughts and experiences also in this language. Most of the books and blogs I read are written in English and I want to try and give something back to these great minds that inspire me. I’m aware of the fact that my writing will suffer from many mistakes in the beginning, but I feel I have to try and hopefully get better overtime.


Advanced Balancing


In our lives we experience ups and downs, loud and silent, sad and beautiful moments, time and time again. Everything seems to follow a certain harmony, always in search for a rebalancing effect. In this blog I will write about my journey through life with all its ups and downs and I will try to highlight the important lessons I encounter on this road I travel.


With each day I try to bring my life closer to the image I have of a truly good life. This good life consists of a happy relationship with family and friends, a good workplace, a rich spiritual life, joy and harmony. To reach this life there are many strategies out there, many of which I already tried and a lot which I’ll try in the future. I will post the results here on this blog for you and me to read.


One of the most important aspects is to get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Our strengths have the potential to lift us up to highest highs while our weaknesses might bring us down and paralyze us for a while. With this blog I want to help you and me to get to know our strengths and weaknesses and open up ways to help with realizing our potential strength and fighting your weaknesses.


I believe that in every one of us there is an enormous amount of power that only waits for us to tap into and bring it to fruition. With each post I will address different aspects of life and hopefully discover some important truths along the way. I would be happy if you find something in my words that helps you on your journey and most thankful if you share some of your own wisdom with me.


Our life is a balancing act between good times and bad times. With this blog a new chapter of my life begins. I hope you will accompany me in the days to come so that we can help each other through bad times and enjoy the good times even more.


Thank you!





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