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How to fight our weakness

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The eternal battle

There is a war raging, a war between our search for our inner self and our weaknesses. Each and every day we have to fight a battle and every day it’s decided anew if we lose to our weaknesses and stay where we are or if we come out victorious and get a step closer to our goals and to ourselves.

Take courage dear friend, even though the battle is hard and you have more than one scar to show for your efforts, with every day you grow in strength. You get to know your enemy, his tactics and moves and you get the opportunity to device tactics of your own. Over time, the victories will pile up higher and higher and it will be easy to win whole campaigns.


But beware. It will be then at your finest hour that your weakness will try to find a way back into your Life. When you don’t spend enough time on your preparations and don’t scout ahead to prepare your battle, when you don’t follow your routines the enemy, your weaknesses, will prepare the battlefield in their own manner and your Loss will be bitter.

 You are not alone!

Rejoice my dear comrade, after the battle there is always another day, another dawn and another opportunity. Embrace it, collect guidance from your trusted advisors, your friends, family and the part of yourself that has fought before and won. Sometimes we have to retreat to our roots to find our way again, sometimes we have to make a leap of faith.


And if it seems like there is no one you can trust, no one to share your pain, not to be able to catch your breath and have the moment of peace you need to recover. Then share your pain with those noble man and woman who have made it their lives purpose to help you through the hardest battles.


We, your friends, will take up weapons and try to hold your enemy at bay for a moment. Sadly we can’t fight your battle for you, but we can try to show you a trick or two and give you that quiet moment we all need sometimes.


It’s dangerous to go out alone. So, make an effort to keep good people in your life and find others who want to support you in your way to a better future.


Thank you!



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